FACT Posters

Interested in doing your part to reduce deaths? Help us spread the word! Here’s how:

  1. Download the FACT Project Posters below and print them to post at your office, on community boards, or to email out to your network.
  2. Share these graphics on your social media along with one of the following critical messages:
  • Fentanyl is mixed into many street-bought drugs including cocaine, crack, xanax, MDMA and heroin. Spread the word and save lives.
  • Fentanyl is responsible for most drug overdose deaths in the United States. Are you familiar with tips for safe use?
  • Do you have clients or loved ones that are at risk for an overdose? Spread the word and keep the community safe.
  • Are you or someone you love in recovery from a substance use disorder? If you experience a relapse, you are at high risk for overdose. Learn about fentanyl today.